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Lydian Stator — The Play To Earn, P2E, Reward Token

The Lydian Stator  is a token that was created by GSPartner Games exclusively as a reward for Play To Earn with Lydian World NFTs. Unlike imaginary in-game money that cannot leave the game, the Lydian Stator is a real cryptocurrency that lives on a blockchain. It can be transferred between players, listed on third-party exchanges, or bought and sold on those exchanges.

Play to Earn, P2E, gaming
Video games and virtual worlds that gamers play for crypto token
rewards. Some games require an investment in tokens or NFTs, while others
allow people to earn crypto by playing.

What Does it Mean to Play To Earn, P2E?

Playing to earn is a new type of gaming, and you’ve stumbled across one of its greatest pioneers: GSPartners, Lydian World.
Thanks to blockchain technology and the power of NFTs,  players can now truly own their in-game assets in a way they never thought possible.


In the past, online games had to lock down players’ in-game assets, assuring players through careful placement of harsh terms of service that anyone caught prescribing real world value to the items would be severely punished. Gamers have lost countless assets to these kinds of violations, sometimes tragically being banned from play or locked out of an account years in the making.

Now, a few bold companies like GSPartners are empowering gamers with games like Lydian World, in which players are not only allowed to truly own their assets, but encouraged to trade them on secondary markets as often as they would like.

In some cases, players are even able to earn
rewards for playing with these owned items.  
That is the basis of Lydian Worlds Play To Earn, P2E. game.

Instead of paying simply to play, gamers can now pay to unlock
and enhance their ability to earn. Lydian World makes this incredibly
simple to both understand and practice, with a clear, P2E,
Play To Earn economy that will be described here.


Lydian Lions are the latest example of  Lydian World NFTs,
available now exclusively for you to enjoy at Lydian World!                805 619 0399  

 Get Your Own NFT's That Are Used In Lydian World A New MetaVerse From GSPartners

Get Your New Lydian Lion NFTs In GSPartners An Use Them In LYDIAN WORLD A Gaming Experience Where You Can P2E
(Play To Earn)
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