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Lydian World NFT MARKETPLACE -- Coming Soon

The Lydian World NFT Marketplace is the one place where the entire community meets to trade their valuables such as citizenships, NFT's, arts, etc. In order to add an item into the marketplace

the user must pay a fee in Lydian Lions, every time a trade is successfully completed, a portion of that fee is redistributed into the Lydian World as it follows:

  • Source of income: Lydian World NFT Marketplace.

  • Distributed in: Lydian Lions.

  • Distribution type: gross domestic product distribution.

  • Value distributed into the Lydian World: 10% according to the plan.

  • Availability: the system will share 10% of all NFTs, minting and trading fees

Here are Lydian Lion NFTS
Click the Lydian Lion to View Full Size  

 Get Your Own NFT's That Are Used In Lydian World A New MetaVerse From GSPartners

Get Your New Lydian Lion NFTs In GSPartners An Use Them In LYDIAN WORLD A Gaming Experience Where You Can P2E
(Play To Earn)
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