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Lydian World

Floyd Mayweather The Newest Lydian World Ambassador Promotes
Our Lydian World Metaverse At His Most Recent Boxing Match In Dubai  5-21-22

Floyd Mayweather Promotes Our Lydian World Metaverse
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Lydian World was created in 2021 by a core of technology-focused game developers from around the world.

Lydian.World is a blockchain-based gaming platform that is partially owned and operated by its players. Inspired by popular board games, Lydian.World creates an economical balance between contemporary tech opportunities, education, strategy and history. This is achieved through a multi-dimensional environment of self-competition, and player vs player competition. All users have the ability to generate valuable game assets and receive rewards.

Each rewardable, avatar or artefact is a non-fungible token (NFT). These NFTs are minted using the Lydian Lions as a credit. The artefacts can be bred together to produce new and unique offspring, which can be used or sold on the Lydian World NFT marketplace.

This ecosystem allows its players to mint, collect, raise and trade NFT tokens in various forms including avatars, rewardables, and artifacts, thus creating an environment for e-commerce and trade between players.

In Lydian.World, as in the real world, different artifacts, rewardables, and collectibles can have a varying rarity. This can range from common to rare, from ultra-rare to legendary. The rare and ultra-rare artefacts can have any combination of exchangeable parts, making them highly variable and often rare and unique. The legendary artefacts can be collected, then merged or evolved into a single artefact, thus giving a new set of attributes and strengths to be used in the Lydian World game.

Like any dynamic community-based ecosystem, the Lydian World game has its own unique governance regime. This is made possible through the process of voting by those within the community who hold the Lydian Lion governance token. This allows the stakeholders within the community to vote on new projects, services, or developments of the Lydian World universe

Lydian World Game Concept

The Lydian World is created based on a fair reward distribution model.

This always takes into consideration the relationship between the digital game and the real world gross domestic product of each country, providing a fair distribution to the entire community according to the entry price citizens as well as starting price for higher rank country positions. Lydian World provides liquid rewards for all in-game actions, products and services.

This is made possible through the usage of “Lydian Lions”, a non-liquid token used in order to become a participant of the ecosystem. .

Purpose-built as an auto-sustainable ecosystem, all-natural growth of Lydian World comes through the multiple sources of income put in place to reward action by all players of the platforms. This includes country staking wallets, card swipe rewards, telegram trivia game fees, airdrop opportunity map, a virtual non-fungible token blockchain museum, a complete set of non-fungible token collectibles, assisted trading marketplace platform, to name a few.

Created to be an auto-expandable ecosystem, the Lydian.World platform permits opt-in via API for third-party projects. This creates a launchpad for engagement between the Lydian World community and possible future role players, thus creating a ‘win-winʼ situation between all role players both within the community, and beyond.

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lydian world

How To Participate In Lydian World

In order to participate in the Lydian World game and earn the rewards, each user must first mint their acquired position into an NFT, thus creating proof of ownership model. This makes them eligible to receive rewards to their wallets from game distribution rewards.

There is no limitation to the total number of citizenships one user may have. However, a user may NOT have multiple positions within the same country, UNLESS the user has acquired citizenship from the free market. In this case, there is no limit to the positions a user may have in one country or state. And the user is eligible to receive, in full, the rewards for each position. This limitation generates scarcity among the availability of the citizenships and country ranking positions.

The digital passport is represented by the NFT citizenship in the Lydian.World, and it is tradable between the users on the free market. The value is set by the market according to the supply and demand. Lydian World provides an NFT marketplace where the users meet to trade their citizenships NFT's and earn liquid tokens in exchange for the traded positions.

Starting with 26.12.2021, the taken top positions are locked. The top country rank positions already taken by the users will no longer open to the highest bid, and all bid winners will now own that position. Players will be able to import their position portfolio into the Lydian.World platform and officially mint it as an NFT.

Any unclaimed or unoccupied country top rank positions will be available for acquiring at a spot price, paid only in Lydian Lions (the non-liquid token), HOWEVER for the following 30 days, they are under an auction environment and maybe claimed by a higher bidder.

A user can participate in the bidding process for a top rank but only if they don’t already have a top rank in that country. As the bidding takes place the user can outbid anyone by paying the difference plus a minimum of 1% extra in Lydian Lions. At the conclusion of the bidding process, if the user doesn't win a top rank, and they didn’t already have a citizenship in that country, they will be made citizen, thanks to the minimum amount placed in the bid. The difference in Lydian Lions is then refunded back to the player.

All citizenship positions can be acquired at market spot price, without any bidding risks, and the citizenship will be immediately distributed to the player for the minting of NFT.                805 619 0399  

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